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Young mom with long curly hair holding a baby in her hands closely to her face while smiling

Elsie’s Essence

Holistic Prenatal, Birth and Postpartum Care for Mothers and Babies


Hi, I’m Taylor!

Founder of Elsie's Essence 

I am a holistic Postpartum Doula and Certified Lactation Counselor serving Houston, TX and surrounding areas. I have a Master’s in Public Health, and a Lactation Counseling certification from Health Children’s Project. 


My passion for birth work grew tenfold after my own at home birthing experience with an amazing doula and midwife at my side. I was truly grateful for their guidance and the love they showed me as I brought my baby boy into the world. I love supporting the mother (and family) through the momentous transition that a birth and newborn brings. 

I specialize in postpartum care and breastfeeding support for new(and experienced) mothers. My goal is to provide holistic, individualized and evidence-based support during your pregnancy and postpartum journey.

Why you need a Postpartum Doula:

Doulas are an essential addition to one's support team for pregnancy and postpartum. A doula offers evidence-based information on perineum healing, cesarean healing, breastfeeding support, meal preparation, emotional support, a shoulder to lean on, and someone to process your birth with. The benefits of a postpartum doula include:

  • A more calm, holistic postpartum experience

  • More likely to reach breastfeeding goals

  • Better quality sleep after birth

  • More confidence with their abilities and instincts as mother

  • Decreased rates of postpartum depression

Services Provided:

Lactation Consultation package

This package includes:​

  • 1:1 Breastfeeding support starting directly after birth

  • 2 weeks postpartum visit (check in and continue to trouble shoot any breastfeeding issues that may occur) 

  • 6 weeks postpartum visit (check-in on progress of you and your newborn)

  • 24/7 text/call support 

Postpartum Doula Support Package

This package includes:​

  • Priority scheduling for day shifts (4 hours) 

  • 1:1 Breastfeeding/Pumping Education and Support

  • Information regarding Infant feeding and Infant Development 

  • Identification and support through Postpartum Depression (Referrals to Postpartum Mental Health Professionals Available)

  • Light house work

  • Hand-blended herbs for womb healing

  • Provide warming and healing Foods/beverages for mother/family

Overnight Infant Support 

  • Infant care from 10pm to 6am to allow parents a restful nights sleep.

  • Tailored care based on your family's needs and preferences.

  • Bottle feeding? Your doula gently lifts and feeds baby, while you  sleep. 

  • Breastfeeding?- Baby will be brought to you when they are ready to feed.

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